Terms and Conditions

Kidz Kaos – Hire Agreement

  1. A responsible adult should be supervising at all times.
  2. All units have an age limit, nobody over the age of 12 years old is permitted to use the equipment. (Unless prior arrangement on suitable adult units)
  3. No food, drinks and chewing gum is allowed near the inflatable, this avoids a choking hazard and dirtying the unit.
  4. No barbeques or smoking near the inflatable.
  5. No face paints or party poppers to be used on or near the inflatable because a charge of £25 could be incurred. Silly string is strictly forbidden.
  6. No water fights to take place near the electrical appliances or a hose pipe to be used as a water slide.
  7. All shoes, jewellery, badges or any other sharp objects should be removed. Spectacles are best removed.
  8. A responsible adult should take action at the first sign of any misbehaviour. Try to avoid over crowding on the inflatable, keeping similar sized children separate from smaller more timid children.
  9. No climbing, hanging or sitting on the walls they will injure themselves if they fall and this cause’s unnecessary wear and tear on the units and can be dangerous.
  10. Please ensure all children are off the unit when it is being inflated or deflated.
  11. Please ensure all children are aware of the location of the blower unit, ropes and stakes holding the inflatable down, children could easily trip over them.
  12. In event of rain if it is a light shower the rain cover will be sufficient. In the case of severe winds or torrential rain please unplug the blower, take the blower inside with all electrical leads and then cover the inflatable with the ground sheet.
  13. The hirer will be responsible for the safety of any inflatable in his or her possession and will be liable to pay full retail price for the repair or loss of any inflatable whilst in his or her possession (Fair wear and tear accepted). Kidz Kaos will not be liable for any injury direct or consequential arising from the use of or inability to use this product or the inability to use due to adverse weather conditions. There are no exceptions. You may need public liability insurance to cover usage on the inflatable especially if you plan to charge users. Although every care will be taken while we are on your premises we will not be held responsible for any damage caused when delivering or collecting the equipment.
  14. We will require your confirmation that you have read and understood these terms and conditions of hire and all persons attending the function are made aware of them.